Dancing Queen - by ABBA

2013-09-28 -- Completed and published on ROTANG Audio-Visual Recordings website

Although things didn't work out with this singer, I'd still love to find a YT collaborator to record the four vocal parts to help finish this project! I will record live drums for this to ensure maximum overkill.
This is the second in a trilogy of shoegaze covers my contract requires me record, this one was stuck in the mire for months because no vocalist was willing to record it. The girl who did sing it was enthusiastic but her tamber changed drastically with volume and over the course of the day, in short I was only able to salvage 2-3 lines.
This is a perfect song: great hook, melody translates well into other styles, lyrics mention sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll... After hearing DQ on the outdoors speakers at a restaurant I knew this was my next shoegaze hit.
But it still needs the help of you, the online collaborator! Drop us a line here or on YT and let's make a shoegaze hit!
After that success, let's finish the trilogy with Donna Summer's I Feel Love (Giorgio Moroder). I already recordedall the Moog parts on bass -- it's a certified important Grammy award winning hit single (of the future)!

Hair - by Larry Graham

2013-03-02 -- Completed and published on ROTANG Audio-Visual Recordings website

The second of two bass covers I recorded between naps while I was home with a bad flu. I've loved LG and this song in particular for decades, and finally learned it a few years ago. I got some help learning it from LG himself via YT, and even some other 'Tubers who did a very good job playing it. Kudos to those who play along to the original, most solo covers are poor approximations.
I do get a few of the decorations wrong, but most of it is spot on. I bail out early when I realize I just made a pretty big mistake and I'm ready for another nap.

Grease - You're the One That I Want

2013-03-02 -- Completed and published on ROTANG Audio-Visual Recordings website

I was home with a bad flu, so between naps I filled time by learning some bass covers. One of my favorite John Farrar songs is "You're the One That I Want" from the Grease soundtrack. David Hungate plays a great bass line, and I found about a dozen bass covers of this song on YouTube, none of which were quite right. Half of what makes that song so remarkable is the PERFORMANCE, which nobody seems to care about getting right.
Some guys fetishize music theory so much that for a 2 minute song they spend 5 minutes talking about "The G on the 3rd string at the 6th fret, I mean 2nd string, the A string, a G at the 7th fret on A 2nd A string..." Firstly, those aren't the right notes, that's not the right fingering position, you're not using a pick, and you're missing the phrasing! I can tell you've been studing music notation because I've heard your playing...
Anyhow, this is exactly how David Hungate plays it as best I can tell. I'm able to mimic his pick phrasing (pick sweeps and double picking) and articulation (my bridge's saddle screws eat into my hand when I pick in exactly the right spot right behind the pickups, so I play most of the song slightly further back to avoid the saddle screws. Note the extra spacing on the strings definitely affects the feel in sweep picking... In short, I need a real P-Bass to really get the last bits), I'm also accurately copying every scoop and slide so I'm sure I have the fingering positions correct.


2012-10-15 -- Completed and published on ROTANG Rock Music Recordings website

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AGM's tribute to John Farrar, an overlooked songwriting master who crafted hits in multiple styles. AGM was always fascinated by the guitar work in the original song, specifically, how harmonics carried the song. The lush string sweeteners on the original inspired my arrangement for a great many guitars and basses. Our guest vocalist did a nice job, but Olivia Newton John is still better.

From Wikipedia

"Magic" is a hit 1980 song performed by Olivia Newton-John, from the soundtrack to the film Xanadu. The song was #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts for four weeks beginning on 2 August 1980. It also reached a high of #4 on the Australian charts and #32 in the UK. The B-sides depend on the label: "Fool Country" (also from Xanadu but not on the OST) is the B-side of the MCA release; "Whenever You're Away From Me" (with Gene Kelly) is the B-side of the Jet release. "Magic" became Newton-John's biggest Adult Contemporary hit to date, and her biggest pop hit until "Physical" ruled the Hot 100 for ten weeks beginning in November 1981. Billboard magazine ranked "Magic" as the third most popular single of 1980, behind only "Call Me" by Blondie and "Another Brick in the Wall, Part II" by Pink Floyd.

Requisite Gear List

-- Charvel/Jackson B-2
-- G&L L2000
-- LTD B-208FM
-- Ibanez AS73
-- Fender Tele (cheap Squire)
-- Alvarez RF17
-- National New Yorker (Lap Steel)


2013-01-06 -- Published on ROTANG Rock Music Recordings website

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The best Official video yet! A single still image is a deeply poignant statement about the oneness of The Official Band and the bands we cover. Still, this singular image reminds us of two things: IRON MAIDEN, and RUN TO THE HILLS, ideas we often forget in this modern world. I get a real sense of pacing and historical background without being pounded by a montage.

With only one single under their belts, The Official Cover Band is destined for greatness.

Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Live)

2012-11-08 -- Completed and published on ROTANG Rock Music Recordings website

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This Important Hit Single was first a big hit for Taylor Swift and repopularized through this Official Live Performance.

Cherry Hill Park

2012-01-25 -- Worldwide debut on Evan Funk Davies' show on WFMU

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A Great Many featuring Jerry Clausen on vocals performing a cover of Cherry Hill Park, made popular by Billy Joel Royal. Cherry Hill Park was written by Robert Nix and Billy Gilmore, arranged by Buddy Buie, James Cobb, and Emory Gordy, Jr.; and produced by Buddy Buie and Bill Lowery. It was a hit in 1969 reaching #15 on both the Billboard Hot 100 chart and the Cash Box chart. It came off his 1969 album Cherry Hill Park.