About A Great Many -- Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 2012-01-18-- Posted by AGM

I have nothing else to do besides tell you how much you suck. What's the easiest way for me to do that?

All electronic correspondence should be addressed to:
A Great Many@rotang.com (without the spaces)

Nice try. I mean to send you one or more physical objects I consider a burden.

If you have extra objects you would like to send me, you may do so at this address:
268 Bush St #2542
San Francisco, CA 94104

You switch between first and third person, past, present and future, and being an individual and a group. What's up?

Your linear reasoning cannot be used to understand what A Great Many is. I become what we need to be in order to solve the problem(s) at hand. We did this in an ad-hoc way, I'm here, there, and everywhere.

Who are your influences?

The Beatles, Quincy Jones, Hum, Curve, King Crimson, XTC, CHIC, Power Station, 10cc, Stevie Wonder, The Move, Rush, Hendrix, Larry Graham, Sloan, ZZ Top, 311, Glen Gould, Japan, Leonard Bernstein, Sparks, Adrian Belew, The Apes, Audio Groove Society, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Van Shipley, UK, Pointer Sisters, Duran Duran, Nurse With Wound List, Flour, Sonic Sum, Battles, The Slew, Genesis, The Residents, Let's Active, Meshuggah, Pink Floyd, Prince, Eno, EZO, ELP, ELO, Cheap Trick, Wobbler, Enuff Z'nuff, Steely Dan, Marc Ribot, and last but not least: WFMU
In our minds we fused Roxy Music and KISS into a black band, and that was CHIC. -- Nile Rodgers

What do you think you're trying to do?

Retire as a self-made billionaire rock star.

If you were looking for the old ROTANG website, it's here.