ROTANG Parallel Programs and Programming Services

Hum Interactive Gigapixel Picture Program
  Interactive frame rate of images each taking many seconds to decode is achieved via parallelism and procedural pipeline of reading, decoding, caching, and displaying images. Users animate, pan, and zoom gigapixel images. Hum can also display stereoscopic images and vector glyphs derived from a secondary field.

IOTA Input Output Test Apparatus
  Parallel-serial-parallel nested I/O load generator which issues input or output work in serial and in parallel at the filesystem file and file handle/descriptor levels. iota experiments are defined via command line arguments. Extensive performance data is logged for printout at execution termination, and iota can optionally generate and test data patterns written to and read from files, and supports multiple I/O APIs (ie: UnixIO, STDIO, pread/pwrite, POSIX AIO).

HMV 2D slice viewer
  Display color slices of integer and floating point data, the arithmetic differences of two slices, and allows min/max thresholding. HMV caches multiple fields and timesteps, and displays frame annotation and data value probe. Portable X/Motif implementation runs on all known UNIX systems.

Misc Miscellaneous Software
  Toy codes and examples, some of which may even be useful in certain circumstances.
Speak BOZONICS to your Intel box!

A runnable Pthreads template for a load balancing DOALL loop.

Print the size of all the ANSI defined intrinsic types using ANSI C itself!

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