Merchandise & Custom Music Solutions

Updated 2012-01-18-- Posted by AGM

Why settle for an unknown musician to record a musical solution for your needs when you can hire an outsider for the same or higher price? AGM guarantees fewer credentials than anyone in the industry.

I want a purpose built sonic experiment of my own. What are your rates?

  • Contact us for custom solutions: A Great (without the spaces)
  • WFMU DJs are always entitled to unlimited requests of unlimited absurdity for free
  • I will pay out of pocket to start the Adrian Belew-Andy Partridge supergroup.
    If you know either of them, please let them know I'm serious about starting our new band. Really.

All the MP3s are free for download and the videos are publicly posted. Where's the CDs and DVDs to buy?

No recording contract means lower costs for you, the freeloader.

I don't see any T-Shirts or stickers. What kind of merch page is this?

We do not mass produce anything. We specialize in specialization. Let us know what you want and we'll tell you what it costs. But if you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can't afford it.

No CDs, no T-shirts, no concerts... How do I support A Great Many so they don't have to get day jobs and stop making all these important hit singles?

Nothing is stopping you for paying us as much as you want for any reason you want. Why not pay for the music you just listened to? Send checks (payable to ROTANG) or cash in US Dollars or anything else you consider of value to:
ROTANG Records
10002 Aurora Ave N.
Suite 36-553
Seattle, WA 98133

You're an idiot, surely you can make millions of dollars by posting videos on YouTube.

Getting rich from records isn't what it used to be. Check out the amazing shrinking pie: