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New <-> Not New Band Names

There are 726 band names that have been renewed.

5 new 5
ace new ace
adventure new adventure
adventures new adventures
age new age
air new air
ambience new ambience
ambitions new ambitions
american standard new american standard
ancient astronauts new ancient astronauts
animal new animal
apostles new apostles
arcades new arcades
architects new architects
armstrong new armstrong
asia new asia
atl new atl
atlantic new atlantic
aura new aura
avengers new avengers
axis new axis
bad things new bad things
balance new balance
bangs new bangs
bass culture new bass culture
bay new bay
beard new beard
beast new beast
beat new beat
bening new bening
berlin new berlin
bethel new bethel
big 6 new big 6
black new black
black nation new black nation
black widow new black widow
bleeders new bleeders
blood new blood
bloods new bloods
blues underground new blues underground
body electric new body electric
bondage new bondage
bone new bone
borders new borders
born new born
boy new boy
boys new boys
boys club new boys club
bravado new bravado
breed new breed
bruises new bruises
brutalism new brutalism
budapest new budapest
buffalo new buffalo
build new build
buildings new buildings
busters new busters
california new california
canyons new canyons
caracas new caracas
carnival new carnival
cathedral new cathedral
celeste new celeste
century new century
challenger new challenger
champ new champ
chance new chance
channel new channel
chapter new chapter
cherry new cherry
cheyenne new cheyenne
child new child
china new china
church new church
city new city
city 16 new city 16
class new class
class a new class a
classic new classic
coke new coke
cold war new cold war
collapse new collapse
collection new collection
colors new colors
colour new colour
combination new combination
concept new concept
concepts new concepts
concert orchestra new concert orchestra
congregation new congregation
constellations new constellations
convert new convert
copasetics new copasetics
creation new creation
credo new credo
cross new cross
culture new culture
cymbals new cymbals
dada new dada
dalton new dalton
damage new damage
dance new dance
dark age new dark age
dawn new dawn
dawn fades new dawn fades
day new day
days new days
dead nation new dead nation
deadline new deadline
deal new deal
dealers new dealers
death new death
decade new decade
deep new deep
deep society new deep society
deloreans new deloreans
desert blues new desert blues
design new design
device new device
dialogue new dialogue
dilemma new dilemma
dimension new dimension
direction new direction
directions new directions
disaster new disaster
disconscious new disconscious
disease new disease
disorder new disorder
district new district
dj new dj
dog new dog
drama new drama
dream new dream
drugs new drugs
drum new drum
dub city new dub city
duo new duo
earth new earth
earthlings new earthlings
eden new eden
edge new edge
egypt new egypt
egyptian kings new egyptian kings
element new element
elements new elements
elite new elite
emotion new emotion
empire new empire
energy new energy
england new england
english voices new english voices
entry new entry
era new era
ergo proxy new ergo proxy
estate new estate
ethic new ethic
even new even
evidence new evidence
fabrik new fabrik
faces new faces
factory new factory
fame new fame
fangs new fangs
fast new fast
fear new fear
fears new fears
feelings new feelings
flairck new flairck
flash new flash
flavor new flavor
flesh new flesh
flora & fauna new flora & fauna
forces new forces
form new form
fossils new fossils
foundations new foundations
four new four
fragrance new fragrance
frames new frames
fresh new fresh
friend new friend
frontier new frontier
frontiers new frontiers
fugitives new fugitives
fumes new fumes
future new future
game new game
gang new gang
gen new gen
generation new generation
generations new generations
genesis new genesis
genre new genre
ghost new ghost
glory new glory
goblin new goblin
god new god
gods new gods
golden kids new golden kids
gospel family new gospel family
granada new granada
grape new grape
grass new grass
grave new grave
grenada new grenada
gringos new gringos
groove new groove
grooves new grooves
guardian new guardian
guilty new guilty
guy new guy
gypsies new gypsies
hands new hands
harmony new harmony
haunts new haunts
haven new haven
hearts new hearts
heights new heights
hell new hell
helsinki quartet new helsinki quartet
here new here
hermitage new hermitage
hill new hill
hobbits new hobbits
holland new holland
hollow new hollow
hollywood orchestra new hollywood orchestra
hook new hook
hope new hope
horizon new horizon
horizons new horizons
house new house
hungarian quartet new hungarian quartet
hype new hype
identity new identity
image new image
impression new impression
indians new indians
industries new industries
infection new infection
inspiration new inspiration
interstates new interstates
island new island
islands new islands
issue new issue
ivory new ivory
jack new jack
jack city new jack city
jack style new jack style
jacks new jacks
jackson new jackson
jazz project new jazz project
jazz society new jazz society
jazz trio new jazz trio
jersey new jersey
jerusalem new jerusalem
jovi new jovi
junt new junt
justice new justice
jörg new jörg
kicks new kicks
kid new kid
kids new kids
kidz new kidz
kingdom new kingdom
kingston new kingston
lands new lands
leaf new leaf
legend new legend
legends new legends
level new level
liberty new liberty
life crisis new life crisis
light symphony orchestra new light symphony orchestra
limit new limit
line new line
line up new line up
london chamber choir new london chamber choir
london chamber ensemble new london chamber ensemble
london soloists ensemble new london soloists ensemble
londonbeat new londonbeat
look new look
lords new lords
lovers new lovers
low new low
lowland new lowland
lucky boys new lucky boys
lunatics new lunatics
lyfe new lyfe
machine new machine
madrid new madrid
magnetic north new magnetic north
man new man
manners new manners
math new math
max new max
mayfair dance orchestra new mayfair dance orchestra
mc new mc
medicine new medicine
method new method
mexican new mexican
mill new mill
mind new mind
minority new minority
mission new mission
mixed emotions new mixed emotions
mode new mode
models new models
mondo new mondo
mongrels new mongrels
monitors new monitors
monk new monk
monsoon new monsoon
moods new moods
moon new moon
moon day new moon day
moons new moons
moscow new moscow
moscow symphony orchestra new moscow symphony orchestra
mosquitos new mosquitos
motion new motion
move new move
movement new movement
music new music
mystics new mystics
native new native
navy new navy
nektar new nektar
neon new neon
new york art quartet new new york art quartet
nix new nix
nobles new nobles
noise new noise
noise project new noise project
norde new norde
northern new northern
number nine new number nine
oldskool new oldskool
order new order
ordinance new ordinance
orford string quartet new orford string quartet
originals new originals
ornament new ornament
pagans new pagans
paradigm new paradigm
paradise new paradise
parents new parents
partner new partner
people new people
perigeo new perigeo
pharaohs new pharaohs
philharmonic orchestra new philharmonic orchestra
philharmonic quartet new philharmonic quartet
philharmonics new philharmonics
pilgrims new pilgrims
pines new pines
pokerface new pokerface
politicians new politicians
politics new politics
pollution new pollution
portals new portals
potatoes new potatoes
prague sinfonia new prague sinfonia
primitives new primitives
process new process
project new project
promenade orchestra new promenade orchestra
quadro new quadro
quintette du hot club de france new quintette du hot club de france
race new race
rain new rain
randy new randy
raving fatties new raving fatties
ray new ray
real people new real people
reality new reality
red scare new red scare
regime new regime
republic new republic
reveille new reveille
revelation new revelation
revival new revival
revolution new revolution
revue new revue
rhodes new rhodes
ride new ride
riot new riot
risen new risen
rising sun new rising sun
rivals new rivals
river new river
ro new ro
road new road
roanoke new roanoke
roanoke jug band new roanoke jug band
rogues new rogues
rollies new rollies
romance new romance
romancer new romancer
romantic new romantic
rome new rome
rose new rose
rose hotel new rose hotel
rotterdam jazz orchestra new rotterdam jazz orchestra
ruins new ruins
rules new rules
russian new russian
saint new saint
salty dog new salty dog
scene new scene
school new school
science new science
secret weapon new secret weapon
sense new sense
shack new shack
sheriff new sheriff
shoppe new shoppe
shore new shore
signal new signal
silence new silence
sin new sin
skin new skin
slang new slang
slips new slips
society new society
socks new socks
sol new sol
sonic new sonic
soul fusion new soul fusion
soul sensation new soul sensation
spectrum new spectrum
speedway new speedway
spell new spell
spirit new spirit
stars new stars
static new static
station new station
stew new stew
stories new stories
strange new strange
strangers new strangers
style new style
suit new suit
sun new sun
suspects new suspects
swears new swears
swing new swing
sylveon new sylveon
synth new synth
system new system
talk new talk
target new target
teeth new teeth
tendencies new tendencies
terrors new terrors
the addiction the new addiction
the adventures the new adventures
the age the new age
the ages the new ages
the aggression the new aggression
the amsterdams the new amsterdams
the antiques the new antiques
the anxiety the new anxiety
the appalachians the new appalachians
the arrivals the new arrivals
the bag the new bag
the barbarians the new barbarians
the bardots the new bardots
the barleycorn the new barleycorn
the basemen the new basemen
the basement tapes the new basement tapes
the beat generation the new beat generation
the beats the new beats
the believers the new believers
the benny goodman sextet the new benny goodman sextet
the birth the new birth
the black the new black
the bloods the new bloods
the blue devils the new blue devils
the boys the new boys
the breed the new breed
the bridge the new bridge
the broadcast the new broadcast
the buzz the new buzz
the cars the new cars
the cats the new cats
the centuries the new centuries
the chant the new chant
the cities the new cities
the classic the new classic
the classics the new classics
the coast the new coast
the cobras the new cobras
the collisions the new collisions
the company the new company
the complainers the new complainers
the congress the new congress
the constitution the new constitution
the coon creek girls the new coon creek girls
the corvets the new corvets
the creation the new creation
the creations the new creations
the creatures the new creatures
the crew the new crew
the customs the new customs
the dave pike set the new dave pike set
the dawn the new dawn
the deal the new deal
the detectives the new detectives
the diablos the new diablos
the diet the new diet
the dimensions the new dimensions
the division the new division
the dominion the new dominion
the dylans the new dylans
the eagles the new eagles
the editions the new editions
the electric the new electric
the element the new element
the empire the new empire
the enchanters the new enchanters
the enemy the new enemy
the english rock ensemble the new english rock ensemble
the establishment the new establishment
the etiquette the new etiquette
the exciters the new exciters
the experience the new experience
the eyes the new eyes
the faces the new faces
the familiars the new familiars
the fifty guitars the new fifty guitars
the five the new five
the flags the new flags
the flamingos the new flamingos
the flesh the new flesh
the fools the new fools
the formula the new formula
the foundations the new foundations
the freedom singers the new freedom singers
the frontiers the new frontiers
the frustrations the new frustrations
the generation the new generation
the girlfriends the new girlfriends
the government the new government
the grand the new grand
the grey the new grey
the hawks the new hawks
the heat the new heat
the heathens the new heathens
the heathers the new heathers
the hellfire club the new hellfire club
the hope the new hope
the horizons the new horizons
the image the new image
the impaler the new impaler
the indians the new indians
the industry the new industry
the invaders the new invaders
the invictors the new invictors
the invincibles the new invincibles
the islanders the new islanders
the jazz couriers the new jazz couriers
the jazz orchestra the new jazz orchestra
the jazztet the new jazztet
the jordanaires the new jordanaires
the journeymen the new journeymen
the kentucky colonels the new kentucky colonels
the kings the new kings
the kingston trio the new kingston trio
the law the new law
the life the new life
the line the new line
the lines the new lines
the lollitas the new lollitas
the london orchestra the new london orchestra
the loud the new loud
the low standards the new low standards
the madness the new madness
the mamas & the papas the new mamas & the papas
the marines the new marines
the mastersounds the new mastersounds
the me the new me
the meanies the new meanies
the mendicants the new mendicants
the mexicans the new mexicans
the minority the new minority
the minstrels the new minstrels
the models the new models
the monarchs the new monarchs
the movement the new movement
the new orleans jazz band the new new orleans jazz band
the nexus the new nexus
the nite owls the new nite owls
the normal the new normal
the occupants the new occupants
the octaves the new octaves
the octopus the new octopus
the offenders the new offenders
the official the new official
the orchids the new orchids
the order the new order
the originals the new originals
the pacific the new pacific
the patriots the new patriots
the people the new people
the philadelphians the new philadelphians
the phoenix the new phoenix
the plague the new plague
the prairie ramblers the new prairie ramblers
the process the new process
the rags the new rags
the rascals the new rascals
the recruits the new recruits
the regency players the new regency players
the regime the new regime
the renaissance the new renaissance
the resolution the new resolution
the returns the new returns
the review the new review
the rising sons the new rising sons
the rivals the new rivals
the river boys the new river boys
the roadrunners the new roadrunners
the romantics the new romantics
the roses the new roses
the royal family the new royal family
the royales the new royales
the rulers the new rulers
the savages the new savages
the scum the new scum
the season the new season
the seasons the new seasons
the seekers the new seekers
the shapes the new shapes
the shining the new shining
the shitbirds the new shitbirds
the singers the new singers
the sins the new sins
the social the new social
the soul brothers the new soul brothers
the sounds the new sounds
the sousa band the new sousa band
the southern ramblers the new southern ramblers
the spring the new spring
the standards the new standards
the storm the new storm
the story the new story
the strangers the new strangers
the strychnines the new strychnines
the suits the new suits
the sunsets the new sunsets
the swingle singers the new swingle singers
the synthetics the new synthetics
the tellers the new tellers
the things the new things
the tigers the new tigers
the tony williams lifetime the new tony williams lifetime
the toys the new toys
the trocaderos the new trocaderos
the trust the new trust
the union the new union
the up the new up
the values the new values
the versions the new versions
the violents the new violents
the wanderers the new wanderers
the wave the new wave
the white star orchestra the new white star orchestra
the wind the new wind
the world orchestra the new world orchestra
the year the new year
the yorkers the new yorkers
the young hearts the new young hearts
theory new theory
thousand new thousand
today new today
tone new tone
tones new tones
toy new toy
toys new toys
tradition new tradition
trash new trash
trends new trends
tribe new tribe
tricks new tricks
trio new trio
trolls new trolls
tune new tune
underground new underground
velvet glove new velvet glove
vintage new vintage
vinyl new vinyl
violators new violators
vision new vision
visions new visions
voices new voices
volume new volume
volunteer new volunteer
voyage new voyage
voyager new voyager
walls new walls
war new war
warmth new warmth
warriors new warriors
wave new wave
waver new waver
way out new way out
ways new ways
wellness new wellness
west new west
winds new winds
windsor strings new windsor strings
wing new wing
wives new wives
wolves new wolves
woman new woman
world new world
world beat new world beat
world order new world order
wounded new wounded
xperience new xperience
yakuza new yakuza
yanay new yanay
york new york
young new young
zone new zone

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