375 "New, not New" Band Names

What is a "New, not New" Band Name?

During the 2014-01-15 Irwin Chusid show, the "New, not New" list was born after the airing of "New Pink Floyd" at 15:22(EST). "New, not New" compiles all bands names that begin with "New" where there also a band without "New".

While we strive for accuracy, this is a work in progress, please let us (trifecta@rotang.com) know if you're aware of a missing "New, not New"!
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Adult New Adult
Adventures New Adventures
Age New Age
Ambience New Ambience
American Standard New American Standard
Amsterdams New Amsterdams
Ancient Astronauts New Ancient Astronauts
Animal New Animal
Armstrong New Armstrong
Asia New Asia
Atlantic New Atlantic
Baccara New Baccara
Balance New Balance
Bangs New Bangs
Barleycorn New Barleycorn
Bass Culture New Bass Culture
Beat Generation New Beat Generation
Beats New Beats
Bethel New Bethel
Big 5 New Big 5
Black Widow New Black Widow
Blood New Blood
Bloods New Bloods
Bondage New Bondage
Bone New Bone
Born New Born
Boyz New Boyz
Breed New Breed
Broadway Cast Recording New Broadway Cast Recording
Bruises New Bruises
Budapest Quartet New Budapest Quartet
Buffalo New Buffalo
Build New Build
Cambridge Singers New Cambridge Singers
Cars New Cars
Celeste New Celeste
Centuries New Centuries
Century New Century
Channel New Channel
Chapter New Chapter
Cherry New Cherry
Church New Church
Class A New Class A
Company New Company
Concept New Concept
Congregation New Congregation
Congress New Congress
Constitution New Constitution
Creation New Creation
Creations New Creations
Credo New Credo
Cymbals New Cymbals
Dada New Dada
Dalton New Dalton
Damage New Damage
Dave Pike Set New Dave Pike Set
Day New Day
Decade New Decade
Deep Society New Deep Society
Detectives New Detectives
Device New Device
Dimension New Dimension
Dimensions New Dimensions
Direction New Direction
Disaster New Disaster
Disease New Disease
Dream New Dream
Dylan New Dylan
Dylans New Dylans
Eagles New Eagles
Eden New Eden
Egypt New Egypt
Element New Element
Empire New Empire
Enemy New Enemy
Energy New Energy
England New England
English Congregation New English Congregation
Era New Era
Establishment New Establishment
Estate New Estate
Ethic New Ethic
Evidence New Evidence
Experience New Experience
Eyes New Eyes
Fast New Fast
Fiction New Fiction
Flash New Flash
Flesh New Flesh
Form New Form
Formula New Formula
Four New Four
Fragrance New Fragrance
Fresh New Fresh
Frontier New Frontier
Frontiers New Frontiers
Future New Future
G New G
Glory New Glory
Government New Government
Grenada New Grenada
Gringos New Gringos
Grooves New Grooves
Guardian New Guardian
Harmony New Harmony
Haydn Quartet, Budapest New Haydn Quartet, Budapest
Hearts New Hearts
Heights New Heights
Holidays New Holidays
Holland New Holland
Hollow New Hollow
Hollywood Orchestra New Hollywood Orchestra
Horizon New Horizon
Horizons New Horizons
Identity New Identity
Idol New Idol
Indians New Indians
Inspiration New Inspiration
Islanders New Islanders
Islands New Islands
Ivory New Ivory
Jacks New Jacks
Japan Philharmonic New Japan Philharmonic
Japan Philharmonic Orchestra New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
Jazz Couriers New Jazz Couriers
Jazz Project New Jazz Project
Jazz Trio New Jazz Trio
Jerusalem New Jerusalem
Journeymen New Journeymen
Justice New Justice
Jörg New Jörg
Kentucky Colonels New Kentucky Colonels
Kidz New Kidz
Kingdom New Kingdom
Kings New Kings
Kingston New Kingston
Kingston Trio New Kingston Trio
Klaxon New Klaxon
Law New Law
Legend New Legend
Legends New Legends
Level New Level
Life New Life
Limit New Limit
London Beat New London Beat
London Chamber Choir New London Chamber Choir
Londonbeat New Londonbeat
Look New Look
Low New Low
Lows New Lows
Magnetic North New Magnetic North
Meanies New Meanies
Medicine New Medicine
Method New Method
Mexicans New Mexicans
Mill New Mill
Mind New Mind
Minority New Minority
Mission New Mission
Mode New Mode
Model New Model
Models New Models
Mondo New Mondo
Mongrels New Mongrels
Monitors New Monitors
Monk New Monk
Monkees New Monkees
Monsoon New Monsoon
Moods New Moods
Moon New Moon
Moscow New Moscow
Mosquitos New Mosquitos
Motion New Motion
Movement New Movement
Music New Music
Navy New Navy
New York Art Quartet New New York Art Quartet
Nexus New Nexus
Noise New Noise
Noise Project New Noise Project
Number Nine New Number Nine
Odds New Odds
Order New Order
Originals New Originals
Ornament New Ornament
Phil New Phil
Philarmonia Orchestra New Philarmonia Orchestra
Philharmonics New Philharmonics
Phoenix New Phoenix
Plague New Plague
Potatoes New Potatoes
Primitives New Primitives
Project New Project
Race New Race
Rags New Rags
Rain New Rain
Randy New Randy
Raving Fatties New Raving Fatties
Reality New Reality
Regime New Regime
Retros New Retros
Revelation New Revelation
Rhodes New Rhodes
Ride New Ride
Riot New Riot
Risen New Risen
Rising Sons New Rising Sons
Roadrunners New Roadrunners
Romance New Romance
Romantic New Romantic
Romantics New Romantics
Rose New Rose
Roy New Roy
Royal Family New Royal Family
Royales New Royales
Ruins New Ruins
Savages New Savages
Scene New Scene
Season New Season
Seekers New Seekers
Sense New Sense
Shapes New Shapes
Shining New Shining
Signal New Signal
Singers New Singers
Sins New Sins
Skin New Skin
Slips New Slips
Society New Society
Sonic New Sonic
Soul Fusion New Soul Fusion
Sounds New Sounds
Speedway New Speedway
Spirit New Spirit
Standards New Standards
Stars New Stars
Static New Static
Stories New Stories
Strange New Strange
Strangers New Strangers
Strychnines New Strychnines
System New System
The 101 Strings Orchestra The New 101 Strings Orchestra
The Amsterdams The New Amsterdams
The Barbarians The New Barbarians
The Barleycorn The New Barleycorn
The Beat Generation The New Beat Generation
The Birth The New Birth
The Black The New Black
The Boys The New Boys
The Cars The New Cars
The Centuries The New Centuries
The Company The New Company
The Congress The New Congress
The Constitution The New Constitution
The Coon Creek Girls The New Coon Creek Girls
The Creation The New Creation
The Creations The New Creations
The Creatures The New Creatures
The Dance Hall Racketeers The New Dance Hall Racketeers
The Dave Pike Set The New Dave Pike Set
The Dawn The New Dawn
The Deal The New Deal
The Detectives The New Detectives
The Dimensions The New Dimensions
The Dylans The New Dylans
The Eagles The New Eagles
The Electrics The New Electrics
The Element The New Element
The Enemy The New Enemy
The English Congregation The New English Congregation
The Establishment The New Establishment
The Experience The New Experience
The Eyes The New Eyes
The Faces The New Faces
The Formula The New Formula
The Frontiers The New Frontiers
The Generation The New Generation
The Government The New Government
The Grand The New Grand
The Hobbits The New Hobbits
The Holidays The New Holidays
The Humblebums The New Humblebums
The Indians The New Indians
The Islanders The New Islanders
The Jazz Couriers The New Jazz Couriers
The Journeymen The New Journeymen
The Kentucky Colonels The New Kentucky Colonels
The Kings The New Kings
The Kingston Trio The New Kingston Trio
The Law The New Law
The London Chorale The New London Chorale
The Loud The New Loud
The Lows The New Lows
The Meanies The New Meanies
The Mexicans The New Mexicans
The Miles Davis Quintet The New Miles Davis Quintet
The Minstrels The New Minstrels
The Nexus The New Nexus
The Odds The New Odds
The Order The New Order
The Originals The New Originals
The People The New People
The Philharmonia Chorus The New Philharmonia Chorus
The Philharmonia Orchestra The New Philharmonia Orchestra
The Phoenix The New Phoenix
The Plague The New Plague
The Process The New Process
The Radicals The New Radicals
The Rags The New Rags
The Regime The New Regime
The Rising Sons The New Rising Sons
The Roadrunners The New Roadrunners
The Romantics The New Romantics
The Royales The New Royales
The Savages The New Savages
The Season The New Season
The Seekers The New Seekers
The Shapes The New Shapes
The Shining The New Shining
The Singers The New Singers
The Sins The New Sins
The Sounds The New Sounds
The Standards The New Standards
The Strangers The New Strangers
The Strychnines The New Strychnines
The Swingle Singers The New Swingle Singers
The Tellers The New Tellers
The Things The New Things
The Tigers The New Tigers
The Tony Williams Lifetime The New Tony Williams Lifetime
The Toys The New Toys
The Trust The New Trust
The Up The New Up
The Violents The New Violents
The Voices Of Freedom The New Voices Of Freedom
The Wanderers The New Wanderers
The Wind The New Wind
The Yorkers The New Yorkers
Things New Things
Tigers New Tigers
Tone New Tone
Toy New Toy
Toys New Toys
Tradition New Tradition
Trial New Trial
Tribe New Tribe
Trio New Trio
Triumvirat New Triumvirat
Trolls New Trolls
Up New Up
Velvet Glove New Velvet Glove
Vinyl New Vinyl
Violators New Violators
Violents New Violents
Vision New Vision
Visions New Visions
Vlach Quartet New Vlach Quartet
Volunteer New Volunteer
Voyager New Voyager
Walls New Walls
War New War
Warriors New Warriors
Wave New Wave
Waver New Waver
Winds New Winds
Wine New Wine
Wing New Wing
World New World
World Beat New World Beat
World Project New World Project
Wounded New Wounded
Yok New Yok
York New York
Yorkers New Yorkers

The Confusion with "The"

Sometimes bands differentiate by adding "The" to their names, it's not always easy to figure this out. The following bands may be undercounted because there is some combination of "The New", "New", "The", and no prefix in their band name.

Barbarians → New Barbarians
Birth → New Birth
Black → New Black
Boys → New Boys
Coon Creek Girls → New Coon Creek Girls
Creatures → New Creatures
Dawn → New Dawn
Deal → New Deal
Faces → New Faces
Generation → New Generation
Grand → New Grand
Hobbits → New Hobbits
People → New People
Philharmonia Chorus → New Philharmonia Chorus
Philharmonia Orchestra → New Philharmonia Orchestra
Process → New Process
Radicals → New Radicals
Wanderers → New Wanderers
Wind → New Wind

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